Offers and Events

The Artisan Apothecary:

Candy Cult have teamed up with The Artsian Apothecary to bring you bespoke Spell Boxes. Each box contains all of the materials and components you need to create your own spell jars, including lovingly drawn spell scrolls by artist Jessica Delaforce.

"We believe there is beauty and importance in forming your own spell jars, handling the herbs & personally engaging with your gemstones energies. Making each spell a whole lot more unique to you."

All the packaging is Recycled, Recyclable and all components are ethically sourced.

The Candy Cult Golden Label Event:

Look out for our products that contain a rare and limited edition Golden hem label. If you are lucky enough to find one of only five Golden hem labels on your purchased products, then you will recieve a special Candy Cult goody bag, which could contain Clothing, Limited Edition Prints, Stickers, Accessories and more.

*1 Golden Labels Remaining*