The Artisan Apothecary - Manifestation Spell Box

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Manifest your dreams and desires with our Manifestation Spell Box!

The Manifestation Spell and it's components have been specifially chosen to attract opportunities and make your dreams a reality. Follow our step by step spell scroll, focus your intention and let the universe take care of the rest!

We believe there is beauty and importance in forming your own spell jars, handling the herbs & personally engaging with your gemstones energies. Making each spell a whole lot more unique to you.

Our spell boxes contain all the components you need to create your own spell jars. Lovingly created with handrawn artwork and spell scrolls by artist Jessica Delaforce.

Each spell box contains:

1 x Glass Vial
1 x White Sage Cleansing Incense
1 x Charm
1 x Candle
4 x Herbs
2 x Gemstones
1 x Spell Scroll
1 x Component List
1 x Piece of Parchment

All our packaging is recycled & recyclable and our components are ethically sourced.